About EcoBase Solutions

Impact measurement. Simplified.

EcoBase Solutions is a mission-driven software company based in Kelowna, British Columbia, and the sister company of GreenStep Solutions. We help small and medium sized companies throughout North America to measure, manage, and reduce their carbon footprints and life cycle impacts through carbon measurement and life cycle analysis. 

While many businesses want to reduce their carbon footprint and life cycle impacts, tackling this challenge can be difficult. Measuring and managing an organization’s carbon footprint can be a complex and resource-intensive process.

Large companies often have the luxury of staffing or contracting greenhouse gas professionals, but for small and medium sized businesses this can be too costly. That’s where EcoBase can help. EcoBase provides a professional and affordable carbon accounting and management solution for organizations of all sizes, and at all stages of their journey.

Our team

Angela Nagy

Chief Executive Officer

Angela is a seasoned entrepreneur and sustainability expert with more than 20 years of experience in project management, business development, marketing and public relations. She has lived and traveled extensively throughout the US and Canada, working with all levels of business, utilities, as well as various levels of governments, on a variety of engineering, energy efficiency, environmental and sustainability related projects.

Angela’s experience also includes politics, and she was elected to Kelowna City Council and appointed as a Regional District Director in 2008, the same year she co-founded GreenStep. 

She is certified in Organizational GHG Accounting and as a Sustainability Practitioner through The Natural Step. 

Andrew Wiebe

Chief Technology Officer

Andrew leads the development side of EcoBase which includes our carbon software and lifecycle analysis tools. With more than 15 years working on climate analysis and emissions inventories, he also has extensive experience in developing high-performance computing infrastructures, using emergent internet technologies, big data, and numerical modelling. 

Andrew earned a Bachelor of Science in Physical Geography and Biology from the University of Canterbury. Andrew is a current member of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanic Society and the former chairperson of the Australian Meteorological and Oceanic Society – Queensland.