Carbon Footprint Measurement Made Easy

Ditch Excel spreadsheets

EcoBase Carbon Software does all the calculations for you using regional, national and international emissions factors.

Priced for Small business

Account types for organizations of all sizes, from micro businesses to organizations with multiple locations and users.

Work in the Cloud

EcoBase Carbon Software is cloud-based, keeping your data safe, secure, and central for access by your team.

Beautiful Reporting

Visualize and download your data how you want to see it, for including in reports and on your website.

Our clients

Helping businesses and organizations track and report on their carbon and life cycle impacts.

Choose the perfect plan

Pricing is based upon features available, number of users, and number of locations. 

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EcoBase Basic


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EcoBase Plus


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EcoBase Premium


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EcoBase Enterprise


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Admin Panel Pricing for Large Organizations

Our hub panel options are great for chains, franchises, companies with regional headquarters, or organizations and industry associations that need to view or manage data from multiple entities, and offer them preferred pricing.

Hub Panel


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Super Hub Panel


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